#Biodiversity150 number 31 of 150 Gryllus veletis

31/150: Lady crickets like the tough guys!

animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Gryllinae: Gryllus: Gryllus veletis (Alexander, R.D. & Bigelow, 1960)

The Spring Field Cricket, Gryllus veletis, is common across North America. You hear this cricket’s song in the springtime until late July. Many cultures have considered crickets lucky, associating their chirps with happiness. Male crickets chirp to attract mates, and females assess the quality of the potential mate by the quality of their chirps. However, not all chirps are as happy as they sound! Spring field crickets are actually quite aggressive, and will often ‘chirp’ their opponent after a scrap with another cricket – especially if other male crickets were watching them fight. In addition to ‘chirping’ their opponent, they will do a little celebration dance to celebrate their success. Showing off seems to have its advantages – lady crickets prefer dominant male crickets! This video shows a cricket fight in the lab, and of course the victory celebration! #ToughCricket #BugThugs #Canada150 #Biodiversity150

An adult female fall field cricket, Gryllus pennsylvanicus, a close relative to the spring field cricket. Photo Credit: Kevinjudge goo.gl/qwPFlM
No – not a cricket field, a field cricket! Photo Credit: Andy from England goo.gl/nZzjNp
A spring field cricket collected by our BIObus team from Grasslands National Park in July 2008. The specimen was netted from shale and juniper badlands in the park. Photo Credit: CBG Photography Group, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

Here’s the barcode sequence information for this species:

Process ID:  INRMA349-12

nucleotide sequence


amino acid sequence


Visual representation of DNA barcode sequence for Gryllus veletis

Learn more about it’s BIN (Barcode Index Number): BOLD:AAG0666

Title Image: Specimen BIOUG02793-F04 – Horseshoe Lake, British Columbia – 17-Jun-2011 – Aerial Net
Photo Credit: CBG Photography Group, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

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