Busy Barcoding Bees Building Blitzes

Hello again faithful readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, and a lot has happened! I’m sure you know all about the 6th Barcode of Life Conference that happened a few weeks ago from the other blogs, but I’ll give you a bit of a refresher. It was busy, crowded with fervent biologists, and a great melting pot of ideas and experiences to advance the state of DNA barcoding all over the world. Continue reading “Busy Barcoding Bees Building Blitzes”

The Real Damsels And Dragons Of Ontario

Hello again faithful readers,

Last week I returned to the BIObus for more aquatic sampling.  This time we visited sites within the Backus Heritage Conservation Area, Long Point Provincial Park, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (N.C.C.). Today I’ll be talking about the river damselflies that were almost ubiquitous across our sampling areas and some details about our time in Long Point and the N.C.C. Continue reading “The Real Damsels And Dragons Of Ontario”

Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem

Hello faithful readers!

Last week I was on the BIObus in several lovely Canadian parks where our team focused on aquatic collections. We got to tramp around in various rivers, bogs, fens, swamps and shorelines in our hip waders, scooping up bugs with our D-nets. This trip, along with many others that will take place this summer, will help BIO add a new level of aquatic invertebrates to the reference library. Continue reading “Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem”

Bugs From All Schools Of Study

Hello faithful readers, I’m back! Last you heard, I was returning from a harrowing six week trip on the BIObus to the west coast of Canada, and just recently I returned from the two week field entomology course offered by the University of Guelph. It marked both the final expedition of the course (as far as I am aware) as well as the end of my undergraduate career. My time at school was a load of fun, and I couldn’t have thought of a more fitting culmination. Now, I’m back at BIO and we’re just finishing up the processing for School Malaise. Continue reading “Bugs From All Schools Of Study”

A Trip Well Worth Taking

Hello faithful readers,

I’d like to start this blog post by saying how glad I am that I was able to take two trips on the BIObus. It’s been a long road, and I enjoyed every beautiful bug, landscape and duct tape filled second of it. It will nice to be home next week, but man was it great to be out. Now, on to the post! Continue reading “A Trip Well Worth Taking”

Outreach and Odonates

Hello again! Today was our second last day on Pender Island, and we spent it mostly doing outreach in various places. Our time at the park has been fantastic, and I would have to say that it is my favourite park so far. The small island community of about 3,000 people has shown itself to be friendly and trustworthy. Continue reading “Outreach and Odonates”

Awesome Arthropods and Alpine Adventures

Hello faithful readers, and welcome to my third blog post. We arrived in E.C. Manning Provincial Park, and boy is it a nice place. The friendly park staff set us up right by the Manning Park Lodge, so we have access to the necessities as well as swimming facilities and a game area. We’re being spoiled! Continue reading “Awesome Arthropods and Alpine Adventures”

Site dismantling, mating Meloidae and Manitobans

Hello faithful readers, and welcome to another exciting addition of my BIObus blog! Today I will be going over the take-down of our Grasslands sites (complete, of course, with a storm, our meeting with a group of students from Manitoba, and), a really cool beetle. Continue reading “Site dismantling, mating Meloidae and Manitobans”

Hellfire, Hail, and hello Saskatchewan!

Hey everybody, I’m Graham and I’m a part of the BIObus team going to the west coast of Canada. This is my second trip on the bus, and I’m hoping it will be just as amazing as last year! It’s nice to be back on my mobile home away from home out in the field collecting bugs and admiring the amazing Canadian scenery. This is our second day in Grasslands National Park, and it has been pretty eventful. Continue reading “Hellfire, Hail, and hello Saskatchewan!”