Painting the Picture of Kootenay

It is I, your humble BIObuser, Martin, come to enthral and enlighten you of our glorious trip to British Columbia. So to continue our conversation about stars last week, this week I took the most amaz-… wait, you don’t want to hear about stars again do you? No I didn’t think so. Really, two blogs in a row about stars? I must have been daft! Continue reading “Painting the Picture of Kootenay”

The Nights Watch in Glacier National Park

Hi I’m Martin Zlatkin, you may remember me from such blogs as: Presenting in Smithers, Bearing down on Kluane, and Exposing Kinaskan. These blogs I’ve written for your enjoyment are quite nearest and dearest to me. I feel honored that you have chosen to read my blog for the fourth time and if this happens to be the first time you are reading my blog, enjoy. Continue reading “The Nights Watch in Glacier National Park”

Exposing Kinaskan

Hello Blog followers, it is I, Martin, your humble BIObus crew member here to enthrall you with yet another gripping regalement of our adventures around Northern British Columbia. If you are following these blogs with the weekly hunger that draws you back to read these blogs for every post you may remember that last week I spellbindingly explained the safety behind meeting our large furry friend, the bear, in the woods. This week I’ll go a little deeper in to what I very much enjoy doing on the BIObus. Continue reading “Exposing Kinaskan”

Bearing Down on the Yukon

Hello again readers, it’s me, Martin the BIObus crew member. Remember how last time I talked about Smithers? Well this time I’m going to give a rundown of what we’ve been doing since then like the drive up to the Yukon and our little visit to Whitehorse and a bit about bear safety. Continue reading “Bearing Down on the Yukon”

Presenting in Smithers

Hello BIObus blog passengers, my name is Martin Zlatkin, and I will be one of your guides for this half of the summer. You may remember me from last year’s BIObus trip when we ventured to the east coast of Canada and visited several national parks. I’m a big fan of traveling and I have the passport to prove it. Continue reading “Presenting in Smithers”