Getting Caught in Glacier’s Web

We’re finishing up our sampling here in Glacier National Park and it has been a great week! We are now in the Rocky Mountains and while the mountain scenery looks very different than the previous mountains it is just as spectacular. Continue reading “Getting Caught in Glacier’s Web”

Rocky Start to ‘Rootine’ Work

Greetings blog browsers. So our week of sampling at scenic Glacier National park is just starting up! The end of our entire trip is starting to come into sight, only 2 parks left. Glacier National Park is absolutely great, from the pristine cold fresh running rivers, the diverse habitats at our disposal for sampling, and the great mountain views. Our campsite was in my opinion is the best we have had thus far. Continue reading “Rocky Start to ‘Rootine’ Work”

Outreach at Okanagan Lake Provincial Park

Welcome to another rendition of my BIObus Blog where you will hear stories about our amazing adventure in Canada’s Wild West! Continue reading “Outreach at Okanagan Lake Provincial Park”