The Great White North!

Sorting through the samples from Canadian National Parks has begun and this year our focus was on remote National Parks. Getting our traps to Parks Canada staff in remote locations was an interesting challenge. Continue reading “The Great White North!”

Barcoding Canada – starting with its National Parks

Our National Parks are outstanding representatives of natural landscapes that are established to protect habitats, wildlife, and ecosystem diversity – which may be unique to specific natural regions across Canada. Therefore it is only fitting that when BIO set out to ‘barcode our country’s backyard’, collecting from Canadian National Parks was on top of the list. As of October 2014, BIO has sampled 43 of 45 of Canada’s National Parks. Continue reading “Barcoding Canada – starting with its National Parks”

Elevated Collecting

Hello to all the BIObus followers, we have some interesting things for everyone to read abut this week! We have been fortunate enough to spend over a week in the great light North, Kluane National Park.  It is quite the experience here to be walking around at 12 am and it is still light out, no need for flash lights here! Continue reading “Elevated Collecting”