#Biodiversity150 number 29 of 150 Micrathena gracilis

29/150: Save A Spider Day – The Spined Micrathena

animalia: Arthropoda: Arachnida: Araneae: Araneidae: Micrathena: Micrathena gracilis (Walckenaer, 1805)

Micrathena gracilis is a moderately large orb-weaver spider from family Araneidae, commonly known as the spined micrathena. The females are typically black with white markings and have five pairs of black spines which are conical tubercles on the upper side of the abdomen. There is great variability in colouration among these spiders. Females are usually larger and reach to about 1-1.5 cm, and the males are much smaller in size due to the presence of sexual dimorphism in this species. Females build a two-dimensional wheel-shaped web with a sticky spiral, designed to catch flying insects. Males do not knit their own web, but visit the female during mating. The spined micrathena is completely harmless to humans and commonly occurs in the forested areas, including settlements. Until recently it was thought that this species was encountered only in the United States but in recent years has been established in southern Ontario. #Canada150 #Biodiversity150

Specimen BIOUG12607-A01 – Ojibway Nature Reserve – 27-Jun-2014. Photo Credit: G. Blagoev, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics
A Micrathena gracilis resting in it’s web. Photo Credit: dinesh rao goo.gl/Ea0ACN
A Micrathena gracilis in the forest. Photo Credit: Bruce Marlin goo.gl/Yu7EZh

Here’s the barcode sequence information for this species:

Process ID:  ARONW639-14

nucleotide sequence


amino acid sequence


Visual representation of DNA barcode sequence for Micrathena gracilis

Learn more about it’s BIN (Barcode Index Number): BOLD:AAG3764

Title Image: Specimen BIOUG12603-E05 – Ojibway Prairie Provincial Park – 19-Aug-2014 – Free Hand
Photo Credit:
G Blagoev, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

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