And now a word from Renee

Oh hayyyyyy everyone. After two grand weeks on the open road I believe that I have now fully immersed myself into the wild.  Bug spray has become a three-in-one combo of repellant, hairspray and perfume. Eau de Deet to be exact.  Hairclips are surprisingly interchangeable with pine sticks. I have even found a mysterious amount of pine needle in “ma pants ” that I consider as natural exfoliates. I also have  had the tendency to flood my rubbers boots, which have been acting as on-the-go footbaths.  Even gazing through the front windows of the BIObus while travelling between parks beats any television show out there.  Moreover, sorting our specimens reminds me of the yearly childhood ritual of sorting Halloween candy into their respective orders: chocolate (Coleoptera) , chips (Hymenoptera),  suckers (Diptera)”… the “healthy stuff” (Gastropods). To say the least, I am experiencing every biologists dream and I absolutely love it.  Just the other day, while running around with an open net, I stopped to think of how lucky I was to have the opportunity to be working in the field.  I sometimes feel like it is all a dream”… then another mosquito bites me.

Renegade tossing the ol’ net around