The Strange Case of the Caddisfly

When we were finishing retrieving an aquatic bottle trap from Blue Hill today we happened to find some tubes of carefully interwoven pine needles. While these types of things would normally go unnoticed by being inconspicuously small and blending in with the neighboring debris that has been swept to shore, what we were actually looking at was the discarded casing of a caddisfly larva (from the order Trichoptera). Continue reading “The Strange Case of the Caddisfly”

Moose on the Mountain

As many know, Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site for its spectacular beauty and the wide variety of geological features, often leading the park to be called the “Galapagos of Geology”. The name Gros Morne roughly translates to huge round hill, which refers to the second highest mountain in Newfoundland and the highest peak of the park- Gros Morne mountain. Continue reading “Moose on the Mountain”

The best of the biters

The new crew has been settling into the good old routine of the BIObus this year, and we’re all excited to get to travel all around the east coast! While we’ve really enjoyed Fundy, we have also been reintroduced to the fieldwork fan base… otherwise known as the female biting insects. The four of us have evaluated which of the biting insects are the worst and the deceptively charismatic deer fly is by far the winner. Continue reading “The best of the biters”