Catching Moths In The Night

Hey Folks!

Long time no blog. We have been super busy here at BIO in the past few weeks.  Between field work, the rare BioBlitz, and the Barcoding Conference, it has been pretty crazy here lately! There will be lots of blogs coming your way from our staff about all these fun topics.   I myself have been doing a lot of night collecting in the form of Bucket Traps and Night Sheets. Continue reading “Catching Moths In The Night”

A little ticked off

Hey folks!

This past week I had been doing some standardized sampling again in the rare Charitable Research Reserve with some of my co-workers.  It was a great week for weather so it made the field work even more enjoyable! I have been going to rare quite a bit recently and every now and then I involuntarily bring home a very small hitchhiker. These hitchhikers are better known by the common name ticks, and they are a very important topic! Continue reading “A little ticked off”

Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario

Hey Folks!

I have just made my triumphant return from the very first BIObus trip of the season! While this trip was a bit shorter than former excursions, we still covered a lot of ground and sampled all kinds of water bodies! Continue reading “Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario”

Plants, Plants, Plants, (and a caterpillar or two)

Hey folks!

Last weekend was a very exciting couple days for me and everyone at BIO.  This was because of the much awaited Bioblitz! For those of you who have never heard of a Bioblitz, I will give you a bit of an explanation.  Continue reading “Plants, Plants, Plants, (and a caterpillar or two)”

A Tale Of Two Parks

Hey folks!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring! I sure have been. Everything here in BIO Collections is going well.  There has been some standardized sampling done at the rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge (see Shannon’s, Josh’s, or Danielle’s blogs for more details!). Everyone is also getting geared up for the Don River Watershed Bioblitz this weekend. Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Parks”

A Great Start To The Summer

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan Engelking, and I am currently working in Collections as a Collections Technician for BIO this summer. I would like to officially welcome you to my portion of the blog! Continue reading “A Great Start To The Summer”