BIOBus Demonstration

This week the BIOBus is in Waterton Lakes National Park, which is home to a diverse array of habitats and insects. People in our campground have been curious about our vibrantly decorated bus, and today we got a chance to talk about what we do. The park invited us to setup a display, so we pulled out some of the traps we use for demonstration (malaise, intercept, bucket and night sheet), along with a sample of insects we’ve collected so far. Our display seemed to attract a lot of attention, and we got a chance to talk to many interested people in the park. It was nice to see that so many people were interested in what we do, and some of the kids seemed excited when they heard that you can actually find a job as a bug catcher. One boy in particular told us that he could stay looking at our insect collection forever, and that we have the coolest jobs he’s heard of!

Talking to the public about life on the BIOBus

–          Jen

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