Birthday on the Bus

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate, on Monday, the girls and I went for a morning horse ride through grassland areas with Mountain Meadow Trail Rides just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park. We rode for 2 hours through cattle pastures, across streams, up wildflower covered foothills, and came across beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains around Waterton Lakes. Everywhere we went there were beautiful sites to be seen and we all had a great time – I was glad that I could be an excuse for such an excursion.

A BIObus birthday cake
BIObus girls at Mountain Meadow Trail Rides

I was excited enough to be able to do that for my birthday, although yesterday the girls further surprised me by sneaking a carrot cake and sparklers on the bus, which they lit up for me in between collection sites! I have never been one to have large birthday celebrations, but I was touched that so much effort was made to ensure that I had a special birthday on the bus.

– Jill