Canada Day at Elk Island National Park

Today we celebrated Canada’s 145th anniversary at Elk Island National Park. After a welcoming speech by the park superintendent Stephen Flemming, a newly emigrated young Canadian raised the flag to the chorus of the anthem. After the ceremony, the BIObus joined in on the festivities at Astotin Lake recreational area and exhibited our catches from the National Parks that we have been to so far. We also had many of our traps on display and educated the onlookers on what we use and how we use them. The attendees were enthused and many were full of questions. The children visiting the park were especially excited by our Lepidoptera collection where as many adults were excited to see the DNA barcoding project “in action.”

Top: BIObus at Elk Island National Park Canada Day BBQ Below: Jill Bergstrome showing a family the BIObus insect collection at Astotin Lake Canada Day BBQ