Canines in the Campground

We had quite a greeting party at Prince Albert National Park today. We had just arrived at the overflow campground when five elk (2 adult females and 3 young males) appeared on the far side of the grounds. They didn’t seem bothered by us as they grazed and lounged for about an hour. When they all turned their heads suddenly and ran off in the opposite direction we were a bit confused as to what could have scared them.

One of the wolves stopping to examine the BIObus

However, a few minutes after the elk had disappeared, a pair of wolves emerged from the spot they had initially come from. We immediately grabbed our cameras and got some great photos and videos. We had a hard time deciding whether they were wolves or coyotes but one of the park staff checked out our photos and confirmed that they were indeed wolves. The wolves sniffed and rolled around for a while where the elk were hanging out just minutes before. They seemed to be following the elk and after wandering around the campground for a while they picked up their trail and ran off in the same direction.

We stayed safely in the BIObus while the wolves were around. We were certainly fortunate to have the opportunity to see such awesome animals in the wild.