Site dismantling, mating Meloidae and Manitobans

Hello faithful readers, and welcome to another exciting addition of my BIObus blog! Today I will be going over the take-down of our Grasslands sites (complete, of course, with a storm, our meeting with a group of students from Manitoba, and), a really cool beetle. Continue reading “Site dismantling, mating Meloidae and Manitobans”

Bison, Prairie Dogs and Thunderstorms

Hello! Danielle again, here to tell you about the BIOBus crew’s adventures in Grasslands.

Today we ventured from our normal location, the East Block of Grasslands National Park, and drove to explore the West Block of Grasslands National Park. There is no direct route between the two blocks, so we had to drive north above the parks, and then head west. Continue reading “Bison, Prairie Dogs and Thunderstorms”

Hellfire, Hail, and hello Saskatchewan!

Hey everybody, I’m Graham and I’m a part of the BIObus team going to the west coast of Canada. This is my second trip on the bus, and I’m hoping it will be just as amazing as last year! It’s nice to be back on my mobile home away from home out in the field collecting bugs and admiring the amazing Canadian scenery. This is our second day in Grasslands National Park, and it has been pretty eventful. Continue reading “Hellfire, Hail, and hello Saskatchewan!”

Saskatchewan… less flat than we thought!

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am one of the students deployed on the BIOBus for the first half of the summer, and am now writing about my first visit to Saskatchewan and Grasslands National Park. We arrived at the park today, though you couldn’t spot it from afar, the whole area is full of hills. Continue reading “Saskatchewan… less flat than we thought!”

Mosquito Lullabies

Bedtime on the BIObus has been a bit of an adventure so far thanks to the numerous species of biting flies here at Prince Albert National Park. So far we’ve had mosquitoes, deer and horse flies (Tabanids), black flies and (our definite favourite and what I’m being bitten by as I write) tiny biting midges known as Punkies, all eagerly waiting to help themselves to our blood as soon as we bed down for the night. Continue reading “Mosquito Lullabies”