Journey Across The Pacific Crest Trail

One of our staff members, Carlene Gallant, took a six month leave from BIO to trek across the Pacific Crest Trail. She will be giving us periodic updates throughout the journey and we will share her adventures with you.

This is what she has experienced so far: Continue reading “Journey Across The Pacific Crest Trail”

Barcoding Canada’s Plants at the UBC Herbarium – Beaty Museum

For the past two weeks, we have had a small team scanning and tissue sampling plants at the University of British Columbia Herbarium in the beautiful Beaty Museum in Vancouver, BC.   As we discussed in an earlier post, BIO is coordinating a project involving researchers across Canada to DNA barcode all of Canada’s 5582 vascular plants for the  International Barcode of Life Project. Continue reading “Barcoding Canada’s Plants at the UBC Herbarium – Beaty Museum”

Painting the Picture of Kootenay

It is I, your humble BIObuser, Martin, come to enthral and enlighten you of our glorious trip to British Columbia. So to continue our conversation about stars last week, this week I took the most amaz-… wait, you don’t want to hear about stars again do you? No I didn’t think so. Really, two blogs in a row about stars? I must have been daft! Continue reading “Painting the Picture of Kootenay”

Rainy Day

The Rocky Mountains are a beautiful sight to behold with many interesting flora and fauna associated, however along with the interesting terrain comes unpredictable and often unpleasant weather. Evidently, this makes insect collecting difficult for the crew; so today during one of these rainy spells we sorted insects in the safety of the BIObus. Continue reading “Rainy Day”