Coming Home

We recently crossed the provincial border back into Ontario and it hit me that we’re almost back home! We spent the last four days travelling, but today we decided to take a much needed break from the road and spend some time in Pukaskwa National Park. We hiked along Lake Superior and were treated to some great views, which was a great way to end our trip. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, as well as the coldest. We couldn’t argue with the latter when we took a very refreshing swim after our hike. I was happy that we got to spend some time in an Ontario park. The views were very inspiring and just what we needed after spending the last few days cooped up inside the bus.

The BIObus crew is back in Ontario!
Looking over Lake Superior at Pukaskwa National Park

We certainly had a very adventurous summer and got to see many interesting animals and landscapes. It was great to see the ocean, the mountains and the prairies, but when we got back to the Canadian Shield it felt like home. Tomorrow is the last day of the BIObus journey. We’ll return Guelph after our last day of driving and be forced to rejoin civilization.  I’m sure we’ll all be glad to get back to the comforts of home, but we’ll always remember what an unforgettable experience this was.

–          Jen