In the bayou

Today we arrived in Texas at Caddo Lake State Park. I was anticipating a hot, dry climate, but instead we found ourselves camping on the edge of a bayou! After a goose hunt of a grocery trip, it became apparent how close we are to the Louisiana border. This is a beautiful area, with many Cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss (which is not really a moss at all, but actually a flowering plant). The waterfront of the park is filled with impressive dragonflies, and we’ve also found some interesting tiger beetles. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring (and fear-inspiring) invertebrate we’ve seen is the Red backed spider.  One of the most exciting animals to be found is the armadillos. These interesting vertebrates have a similar goal to us, and they could be found shuffling through the undergrowth searching for insects, barely bothering to notice us searching alongside them.  Soon we will be experiencing a change in the climate as we head to dryer areas of Texas, and this change will be accompanied by an exciting change of flora and fauna.