Inspiring young entomologists at Lake Louise

On our last day at Banff National Park we decided to check out Lake Louise and do some collecting. First we collected on the side of the lake without a pedestrian pathway, past the boat house. We scrambled through the brush and managed to sweep net up a fair amount of insects. After that we traveled to the other side of the lake where there was lots of tourists checking out the lake. We hoped to talk to anyone curious about what we were doing and brought along our information cards and buttons. Once we started to collect along grassy hill some kids approached us with questions. They were very inquisitive and had great questions to ask, such as how our equipment works (nets and aspirators) and what do you need to study at school to get a job like we had. The best part was when we gave our nets to them and they started sweeping the hill collecting lots of bugs. There were great big smiles on all their faces. They were having a blast. After they finished, one exclaimed “That was awesome!” I feel great knowing that we have educated and inspired kids about insects and field work. It was a fun day!

Kids at Lake Louise learning to use sweep nets

– Crystal

Jill and a young insect enthusiast enjoying an afternoon of collecting at Lake Louise