On the Road Again

The BIObus is on the road again, and online!! For the first time the BIObus crew will be blogging about our collecting adventures. We are heading on a three month expedition to some of Canada’s most spectacular National Parks to hunt for our favourite bugs.

We left on June 7th and our first park stop was Pukaskwa National Park. Although the weather didn’t cooperate, Pukaskwa still proved to be a fruitful collecting stop. It was my first time visiting the park and despite the rain I was impressed by the stunning shoreline; definitely a place to visit if you like to canoe or kayak.

Next stop Prince Albert National Park. Collecting insects at Prince Albert was really great, but the mosquitoes and black flies did their share of collecting too. Maybe not my worst experience with biting insects, but waking up to the sound of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears and not the sound of birds makes it hard to sleep. Even the BIObus itself was a magnet for insects; horseflies swarmed the bus wherever we went, but luckily they were nice enough to leave us alone.

After Prince Albert we took to the mountains in Jasper National Park. This is definitely on my top ten list of places to live; I could never get tired of waking up with such an amazing view. While in the park, we had the opportunity to meet with a local reporter to talk about our work; stay posted for the link to the story!

Now we are off again heading to Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and individual accounts of life on the BIObus.

Happy Trails,