Pacific Rim

After days of driving and a ferry ride, the BIObus finally arrived at Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were all thrilled to have made it to the coast and took some time to splash around in the ocean after a long day of travelling.  Long Beach is definitely a unique place and I’d like to go back in the future. The sandy beach stretches out for 16km and has a more rugged feel than the coastlines I’ve seen before. It was neat to see how the landscape had changed so drastically around us the further west we travelled. Instead of the aspen forests we’d become accustomed to, we found ourselves surrounded by rainforest and huge Douglas firs. It was rewarding to think back on how far we’ve travelled across Canada. Our country is home to so many different habitat types and we’ve been fortunate enough to experience many of them.

The BIObus crew gets their feet wet at Long Beach


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