Rewinding in Time

Does time go by more quickly close to the equator? If this were physicsBus I might know the answer, but I do know that our time in Florida has flown by and the month of May has left us in the dust. Florida was fantastic for collecting overall, but alas we’ve had to pull up the BIOBus anchor, with a ballast full of specimens, and set sail for Arizona. As we raced the sun west (somehow it always manages to beat us) we passed through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico.

A Texan oil derrick

We watched the landscape as it changed from Florida’s northern coniferous forests to lush bayou to wide-stretching plains of arid desert enclosed by low mountains. The change in climate from the moisture laden heat typical of tropical coasts to the dryness of Arizona, where the average annual rainfall is less than 8 inches, was quite noticeable and we actually were grateful for a break from the humidity of Florida. And now with our sights set on Lost Dutchman State Park, and wildlife checklists in our minds, we couldn’t be more excited to hit the desert.