A Mite-y Experience

Hi Everyone,

The summer has really flown by in the blink of an eye. Luckily, I feel like I was able to accomplish a lot and learn something new each day I spent at Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. This summer I had a chance to experience both the Ontario BioBlitz in the Credit River watershed, as well as the Bioblitz hosted at the rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge. Continue reading “A Mite-y Experience”

Quills and Dragon Hunters

Hello again! Last week the BIObus headed up north to Balsam Lake and Indian Point Provincial Parks to complete some aquatic and soil sampling. Field work is considerably different than working in the archive. Continue reading “Quills and Dragon Hunters”

Wild water bugs and warm weather

As part of this summer’s ongoing BIObus adventures Adrian, Connor, Nate and I got the chance to go hunting for arthropods in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula last week. With the weather being more than welcoming, we eagerly strapped on our waders and set out to explore the diverse aquatic habitats of the Grey-Bruce region. One thing I couldn’t help but notice during our daily sampling sessions was the abundance of belostomatids in almost every area we were. Continue reading “Wild water bugs and warm weather”

Bogging in Bruce

Hello again everyone,

This past week the team of travelling aquatic arthropod samplers visited Bruce Peninsula National Park, or BPNP. Connor, Adrian, Shannon, and I assembled from the roster of BIO Collection employees to make up last week’s BIObus team – you can see us posing for a great photo on the shoreline of Little Cove with beautiful Georgian Bay in the background. Continue reading “Bogging in Bruce”

The ABC’s of ABCA!

Hello again everyone! I’m going to talk to you about the most recent trip the BIObus and her crew went on, where we had a ‘base camp’ in the Pinery, and explored a variety of management and conservation areas within the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). Continue reading “The ABC’s of ABCA!”

Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario

Hey Folks!

I have just made my triumphant return from the very first BIObus trip of the season! While this trip was a bit shorter than former excursions, we still covered a lot of ground and sampled all kinds of water bodies! Continue reading “Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario”

Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem

Hello faithful readers!

Last week I was on the BIObus in several lovely Canadian parks where our team focused on aquatic collections. We got to tramp around in various rivers, bogs, fens, swamps and shorelines in our hip waders, scooping up bugs with our D-nets. This trip, along with many others that will take place this summer, will help BIO add a new level of aquatic invertebrates to the reference library. Continue reading “Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem”

Aquatic Invertebrate Identifications

Did you know that more than 95% of described animal’s species are invertebrates? We’re talking about 95% of the world’s animals not having a backbone! Owing to their huge numbers, invertebrates are a vital part of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Continue reading “Aquatic Invertebrate Identifications”