Persi’s Pinery Provincial Park Plankton Pull

Hi everyone,

I just returned from a busy but fun filled week on the BIObus at the Pinery Provincial Park. The main objective was to sample aquatic invertebrates and compile a bio-inventory for the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). If you’ve been reading my earlier blogs you know that I’m keen on spiders, and fortunately, I was able to collect some interesting spiders in the ABCA. One unusual spider I found was the orb-weaving Arrow-shaped Micrathena (Micrathena sagittata). Continue reading “Persi’s Pinery Provincial Park Plankton Pull”

The ABC’s of ABCA!

Hello again everyone! I’m going to talk to you about the most recent trip the BIObus and her crew went on, where we had a ‘base camp’ in the Pinery, and explored a variety of management and conservation areas within the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). Continue reading “The ABC’s of ABCA!”

Natural Wonders of the Ausable-Bayfield Watershed, with a Little Bit of Outreach

Welcome to another rendition of my blog where you will hear incredible stories about our adventures in the Canadian wilderness.

On June 29, a few of us from BIO teamed up with Pinery Provincial Park and the surrounding Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) to collect, sort and maintain samples of aquatic and soil invertebrates to help construct the DNA barcode library. This will allow us to someday assess the biotic integrity of the Ausable-Bayfield Watershed by sequencing the environmental DNA in a water or soil sample. Continue reading “Natural Wonders of the Ausable-Bayfield Watershed, with a Little Bit of Outreach”

Barcoding the Mussels of Ontario

When we think about the most exciting creatures Canada has to offer, your first thought does not immediately jump to the freshwater mussel. That’s what I thought too, until I started learning about them. My name is Kareina D’Souza and I have loved animals my entire life, which is why I pursued a degree in Zoology from the University of Guelph. Continue reading “Barcoding the Mussels of Ontario”

Mussels and Muffins

On September 12, a few of us from BIO teamed up with the Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) for their ‘Mussels and Muffins’ event in Ailsa Craig. A number of ABCA biologists including Hope Brock and Kari Jean, organized and led a fantastic outreach event for a large group of local high school students and community members. Continue reading “Mussels and Muffins”