42/150: Nature’s Underwater Architect

Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Trichoptera: Limnephiloidea: Limnephilidae: Philarctus bergrothi (McLachlan, 1880)

Philarctus bergrothi is part of the northern caddisfly family Limnephilidae, which are found within higher elevations in the northern hemisphere. Caddisflies are closely related to moths and butterflies. While moths and butterflies have scales on their wings and bear terrestrial larvae, caddisflies have hairs on their wings and bear aquatic larvae. Continue reading “42/150: Nature’s Underwater Architect”

Rocky Start to ‘Rootine’ Work

Greetings blog browsers. So our week of sampling at scenic Glacier National park is just starting up! The end of our entire trip is starting to come into sight, only 2 parks left. Glacier National Park is absolutely great, from the pristine cold fresh running rivers, the diverse habitats at our disposal for sampling, and the great mountain views. Our campsite was in my opinion is the best we have had thus far. Continue reading “Rocky Start to ‘Rootine’ Work”

Aquatic Sampling at the Beaver Pond

E. C. Manning Provincial Park is a unique and beautiful park located in the Cascade Mountains of southwestern British Columbia. Established in 1941, the park consists of over 65,000 hectares of rugged forest-clad mountains, deep valleys, subalpine meadows, sun dappled lakes, and rushing white water. Continue reading “Aquatic Sampling at the Beaver Pond”