50/150 A damsel in distress? Think again!

animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Odonata: Coenagrionidae: Enallagma: Enallagma antennatum (Say, 1839)

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly was? Well you’ve come to the right place! First things first, both dragons and damsels make up an ancient order of insects called Odonata. They originated at least 300 million years ago and have changed very little in body design since then. Continue reading “50/150 A damsel in distress? Think again!”

Bogging in Bruce

Hello again everyone,

This past week the team of travelling aquatic arthropod samplers visited Bruce Peninsula National Park, or BPNP. Connor, Adrian, Shannon, and I assembled from the roster of BIO Collection employees to make up last week’s BIObus team – you can see us posing for a great photo on the shoreline of Little Cove with beautiful Georgian Bay in the background. Continue reading “Bogging in Bruce”

The Real Damsels And Dragons Of Ontario

Hello again faithful readers,

Last week I returned to the BIObus for more aquatic sampling.  This time we visited sites within the Backus Heritage Conservation Area, Long Point Provincial Park, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (N.C.C.). Today I’ll be talking about the river damselflies that were almost ubiquitous across our sampling areas and some details about our time in Long Point and the N.C.C. Continue reading “The Real Damsels And Dragons Of Ontario”

Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem

Hello faithful readers!

Last week I was on the BIObus in several lovely Canadian parks where our team focused on aquatic collections. We got to tramp around in various rivers, bogs, fens, swamps and shorelines in our hip waders, scooping up bugs with our D-nets. This trip, along with many others that will take place this summer, will help BIO add a new level of aquatic invertebrates to the reference library. Continue reading “Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem”