Phlox, Frogs and Snow!

Today is the day before we take our leave of E.C. Manning Provincial Park. In the morning we were being pelted by rain, which was much warmer than the light and sparse flurries of snow we had received the night before”… Snow!!! In June! Definitely enjoying the variety of weather here in British Columbia that we have experienced so far, everything from heavy rain, to sunshine, and now even snow. Continue reading “Phlox, Frogs and Snow!”

Aquatic Sampling at the Beaver Pond

E. C. Manning Provincial Park is a unique and beautiful park located in the Cascade Mountains of southwestern British Columbia. Established in 1941, the park consists of over 65,000 hectares of rugged forest-clad mountains, deep valleys, subalpine meadows, sun dappled lakes, and rushing white water. Continue reading “Aquatic Sampling at the Beaver Pond”