32/150: Put a spring in your step and celebrate frogs with us!

Animalia: Chordata: Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae: Rana: Rana sylvatica LeConte, 1825

It’s officially the first day of spring (finally!) and it also happens to be World Frog Day! Check out this cool infographic about frogs made by the National Aquarium in Baltimore to learn more about these cool creatures. Continue reading “32/150: Put a spring in your step and celebrate frogs with us!”

One Frog, Two Frog, Green Frog, Blue Frog

This past weekend, I headed down to Rondeau Bay to have a relaxing few days at the cottage. Usually this consists of boating, fishing, campfires, and enjoying the backyard scenery. Unfortunately, Saturday brought windy, rainy weather, so I couldn’t enjoy many of these activities. Even though Mother Nature was not being cooperative with my weekend plans, I still decided to go out and see what kind of things I could find in the rain. This was a great decision, as I found a very cool green frog (Lithobates clamitans). Continue reading “One Frog, Two Frog, Green Frog, Blue Frog”

Happily Herping

This past Saturday – as many of you might know – was the Ontario BioBlitz weekend. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the event, the traditional BioBlitz or “blitz” is a 24-hour period in which both trained biologists and citizens scientists try to observe and record as many species as possible in a specific area. After the event these collected observations help to quantify the diversity and abundance of plant and animal species in the selected area to create more focused research and conservation efforts. Continue reading “Happily Herping”