Exposing Kinaskan

Hello Blog followers, it is I, Martin, your humble BIObus crew member here to enthrall you with yet another gripping regalement of our adventures around Northern British Columbia. If you are following these blogs with the weekly hunger that draws you back to read these blogs for every post you may remember that last week I spellbindingly explained the safety behind meeting our large furry friend, the bear, in the woods. This week I’ll go a little deeper in to what I very much enjoy doing on the BIObus. Continue reading “Exposing Kinaskan”

Collecting!… I can at Kinaskan

So it has been a somewhat interesting past week, with some unexpected bumps in the road. During our time at the beautiful Kluane National Park, I started to notice a little sore spot in my mouth. To be more specific the gum area around one of my wisdom teeth. However this did not really bother me too much as my mind was enveloped by the magnificent landscape, and the work at hand. Continue reading “Collecting!… I can at Kinaskan”