Beecoming interested in the Yukon

Hey guys!

With this year’s beautiful summer coming to a close it has once again come time to dust the backpack off and get back into school mode. I had an amazing experience working with the BIObus team these past few months and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to share some of that experience with all of you. Since this is the my last blog of the season, I’ve decided to make this blog about one of the coolest parks I’ve come across so far (which is also conveniently the one I’m sorting through at the moment). Continue reading “Beecoming interested in the Yukon”

Elevated Collecting

Hello to all the BIObus followers, we have some interesting things for everyone to read abut this week! We have been fortunate enough to spend over a week in the great light North, Kluane National Park.  It is quite the experience here to be walking around at 12 am and it is still light out, no need for flash lights here! Continue reading “Elevated Collecting”

Bearing Down on the Yukon

Hello again readers, it’s me, Martin the BIObus crew member. Remember how last time I talked about Smithers? Well this time I’m going to give a rundown of what we’ve been doing since then like the drive up to the Yukon and our little visit to Whitehorse and a bit about bear safety. Continue reading “Bearing Down on the Yukon”

Bark Beetles and Wildfires

Hello again! After taking down all our traps in Burnt Cabin Bog Ecological Reserve, we packed up and drove for two days up to Kluane National Park and Reserve. While the drive was long there was plenty of scenery to see along the way. While driving North on the Stewart-Cassiar highway, we passed through a region of forest where two wildfires had recently occurred, in 2010 and 2011. Continue reading “Bark Beetles and Wildfires”