Heating up the Hot Springs

Kootenay National Park is a long, thin park with the highway running down the middle through a large valley and with mountains rising up on either side. The valley is made up of coniferous forest and it is very susceptible to forest fires. Following the highway up through the park, you pass through an old, forested area and then suddenly you pass into a huge burnt area full of dead trees from the highway right up to the treeline on the mountains on both sides. Continue reading “Heating up the Hot Springs”

Painting the Picture of Kootenay

It is I, your humble BIObuser, Martin, come to enthral and enlighten you of our glorious trip to British Columbia. So to continue our conversation about stars last week, this week I took the most amaz-… wait, you don’t want to hear about stars again do you? No I didn’t think so. Really, two blogs in a row about stars? I must have been daft! Continue reading “Painting the Picture of Kootenay”

Full of Aspiration

So we’ve made it to Kootenay National Park! I hope everyone is enjoying the blogs the crew and I have been posting about our grand trip. We have been bunked in a house at Kootenay Crossing. So that means no hammock this week, I got to stay in a bedroom, which I have to say was great, as was having a full kitchen. Continue reading “Full of Aspiration”