12/150: Meet the Vancouver Island Marmot for Groundhog Day!

animalia: Chordata: Mammalia: Rodentia: Sciuridae: Xerinae: Marmota: Marmota vancouverensis (Swarth, 1911)

This year, Ontario’s ever so fluctuating winter weather has everyone eagerly looking forward to Groundhog Day. As the groundhog emerges from their burrows, citizens of Ontario are on the edge of their seats as they wait to see if the groundhog sees its shadow, indicating the early or late arrival of spring. Continue reading “12/150: Meet the Vancouver Island Marmot for Groundhog Day!”

Downpours in Darkwoods

Something we have all taken for granted the past six weeks was the weather. Thus far on our trip we have had amazing weather…very little rain, lots of sunshine. We had to work in a little drizzle a few times and we had to deal with some wet vegetation but that was the worst of it. So the weather in Darkwoods was a bit of a change for us. Continue reading “Downpours in Darkwoods”