A little ticked off

Hey folks!

This past week I had been doing some standardized sampling again in the rare Charitable Research Reserve with some of my co-workers.  It was a great week for weather so it made the field work even more enjoyable! I have been going to rare quite a bit recently and every now and then I involuntarily bring home a very small hitchhiker. These hitchhikers are better known by the common name ticks, and they are a very important topic! Continue reading “A little ticked off”

Microscope Imaging And Plankton Sampling

After completing the imaging for the Saudi Arabian specimens, we are starting the next material in our queue, the Argentina, Russia, and Costa Rica Global Malaise Projects. Continue reading “Microscope Imaging And Plankton Sampling”

Aquatic Invertebrate Identifications

Did you know that more than 95% of described animal’s species are invertebrates? We’re talking about 95% of the world’s animals not having a backbone! Owing to their huge numbers, invertebrates are a vital part of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Continue reading “Aquatic Invertebrate Identifications”

A Tale Of Two Parks

Hey folks!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring! I sure have been. Everything here in BIO Collections is going well.  There has been some standardized sampling done at the rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge (see Shannon’s, Josh’s, or Danielle’s blogs for more details!). Everyone is also getting geared up for the Don River Watershed Bioblitz this weekend. Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Parks”

A Mitey Start

Hello everyone, my name is Nathaniel Jones. This is my first blog of the summer. I am currently getting started on my new position here at BIO. I was fortunate enough to land the summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship position to sample the soil for arthropod diversity. So far this week I have just been getting started, learning a lot about the techniques of sampling small soil arthropods. Some of the mites are so tiny I am unable to use forceps, as they are almost microscopic and hard to distinguish from grains of sand. Continue reading “A Mitey Start”

A Great Start To The Summer

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan Engelking, and I am currently working in Collections as a Collections Technician for BIO this summer. I would like to officially welcome you to my portion of the blog! Continue reading “A Great Start To The Summer”

Imaging Insects From Saudi Arabia

Since early May we have been focusing on completing all the images of specimens from Canadian National Parks and the Mecca region in Saudi Arabia from the Global Malaise Trap Program. Of the specimens I have imaged, there are some unique species from Saudi Arabia that stood out. Their life history has always intrigued me. Continue reading “Imaging Insects From Saudi Arabia”

A “Bug Photographer”

Hello everybody!

My name is Danielle, and if you’ve been following the BIObus blog you may remember me from last summer. I went on a bug collecting adventure to 4 different National and Provincial Parks (Grasslands, E.C. Manning, Gulf Islands and Pacific Rim). Over the autumn and winter months I am a work-study student here at the Biodiversity Institute, Continue reading “A “Bug Photographer””