34/150: The Rock Crawler, not afraid of the cold!

Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Notoptera: Grylloblattidae: Grylloblatta campodeiformis Walker, 1914

Grylloblatta campodeiformis, also known as the Northern Rock Crawler, is an omnivorous species of insect in the family Grylloblattidae. Like the other species in the genus Grylloblatta, it is endemic to North America. Continue reading “34/150: The Rock Crawler, not afraid of the cold!”

The Trek Continues Through Northern California

The wildfires continue to rage as I head north. To my relief, none of the trail has been closed while I was hiking through. It is evident, nonetheless, that the flames are close. Smoke often obscures the view of the mountains directly across the valley, sometimes making it challenging to landmark. This part of the trail is extremely dry and dusty, with long water-less stretches returning. Continue reading “The Trek Continues Through Northern California”


For those who were/are interested in my thru-hike, I haven’t fallen off a ridge or caught on fire. I am now finished with my adventure and have taken the time to compile my notes and photos so that I can describe the rest of my hike to you! It turns out that when you are walking all day (and sometimes at night) there is little time for blog writing…so here it is! Continue reading “Mountain-mania”

Beecoming interested in the Yukon

Hey guys!

With this year’s beautiful summer coming to a close it has once again come time to dust the backpack off and get back into school mode. I had an amazing experience working with the BIObus team these past few months and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to share some of that experience with all of you. Since this is the my last blog of the season, I’ve decided to make this blog about one of the coolest parks I’ve come across so far (which is also conveniently the one I’m sorting through at the moment). Continue reading “Beecoming interested in the Yukon”