39/150: Are they centipedes or….??

animalia: Arthropoda: Symphyla: Symphyla order incertae sedis: Scolopendrellidae

Also known as symphylans or garden centipedes, pseudocentipedes are only distant relatives of true centipedes! They are actually more closely related to pauropods and millipedes of the same subphylum Myriapoda. Continue reading “39/150: Are they centipedes or….??”

A Tale Of Two Parks

Hey folks!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring! I sure have been. Everything here in BIO Collections is going well.  There has been some standardized sampling done at the rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge (see Shannon’s, Josh’s, or Danielle’s blogs for more details!). Everyone is also getting geared up for the Don River Watershed Bioblitz this weekend. Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Parks”

A Great Start To The Summer

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan Engelking, and I am currently working in Collections as a Collections Technician for BIO this summer. I would like to officially welcome you to my portion of the blog! Continue reading “A Great Start To The Summer”

Natural treasures of the west coast of Vancouver Island

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada is a thin strip of land along the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island and is characterized by rugged coasts and lush temperate rainforests. Imagine white sandy coastlines, eagles soaring overhead, ferns, and cushions of moss hanging from the branches of towering Sitka spruce, and the ocean stretching off as far as the eye can see. Continue reading “Natural treasures of the west coast of Vancouver Island”

A Trip Well Worth Taking

Hello faithful readers,

I’d like to start this blog post by saying how glad I am that I was able to take two trips on the BIObus. It’s been a long road, and I enjoyed every beautiful bug, landscape and duct tape filled second of it. It will nice to be home next week, but man was it great to be out. Now, on to the post! Continue reading “A Trip Well Worth Taking”