Microscope Imaging And Plankton Sampling

After completing the imaging for the Saudi Arabian specimens, we are starting the next material in our queue, the Argentina, Russia, and Costa Rica Global Malaise Projects. Continue reading “Microscope Imaging And Plankton Sampling”

Imaging Insects From Saudi Arabia

Since early May we have been focusing on completing all the images of specimens from Canadian National Parks and the Mecca region in Saudi Arabia from the Global Malaise Trap Program. Of the specimens I have imaged, there are some unique species from Saudi Arabia that stood out. Their life history has always intrigued me. Continue reading “Imaging Insects From Saudi Arabia”

A “Bug Photographer”

Hello everybody!

My name is Danielle, and if you’ve been following the BIObus blog you may remember me from last summer. I went on a bug collecting adventure to 4 different National and Provincial Parks (Grasslands, E.C. Manning, Gulf Islands and Pacific Rim). Over the autumn and winter months I am a work-study student here at the Biodiversity Institute, Continue reading “A “Bug Photographer””

The Nights Watch in Glacier National Park

Hi I’m Martin Zlatkin, you may remember me from such blogs as: Presenting in Smithers, Bearing down on Kluane, and Exposing Kinaskan. These blogs I’ve written for your enjoyment are quite nearest and dearest to me. I feel honored that you have chosen to read my blog for the fourth time and if this happens to be the first time you are reading my blog, enjoy. Continue reading “The Nights Watch in Glacier National Park”

Exposing Kinaskan

Hello Blog followers, it is I, Martin, your humble BIObus crew member here to enthrall you with yet another gripping regalement of our adventures around Northern British Columbia. If you are following these blogs with the weekly hunger that draws you back to read these blogs for every post you may remember that last week I spellbindingly explained the safety behind meeting our large furry friend, the bear, in the woods. This week I’ll go a little deeper in to what I very much enjoy doing on the BIObus. Continue reading “Exposing Kinaskan”