67/150: Not Poisonous, and Not a Spider! The friendly backyard “Daddy-Long-Legs”

animalia: Arthropoda: Arachnida: Opiliones: Sclerosomatidae: Leiobunum: Leiobunum vittatum (Say, 1821)

Harvestmen or “Daddy-long-legs” are commonly presented as “the most venomous spiders in the world, with fangs too short to bite”, but this is a myth! Although they are in the same class as spiders, mites and scorpions, (Arachnida), they are not true spiders. Continue reading “67/150: Not Poisonous, and Not a Spider! The friendly backyard “Daddy-Long-Legs””

Beginning to Barcode British Columbia

The summer of 2014 can be said to have been CBG’s busiest field season. Not only was it the final year of the Canadian National Parks (CNP) Malaise Program, but we also focused on concentrated sampling efforts in provincial parks within Ontario and British Columbia (BC). Now that the CNP Program is complete, we were finally able to process some of our BC samples. Continue reading “Beginning to Barcode British Columbia”

A Recap

This has been, by far, the most eventful summer I have had at BIO. My last summer here, in 2014, I was deployed on the BIObus for our trip out west and got so see some pretty amazing things, but this year has been far more jam-packed. I have been out in the field for a variety of reasons this summer. Continue reading “A Recap”

Of Bugs and Men

This past week wasn’t a mundane week by any means. Setting out at 9am on a Monday morning, Danielle, Dan, Josh, Nate and I set out for Cambridge, Ontario to get samples of the insects inhabiting the Waterloo region. Our destination: the rare Charitable Research Reserve. Continue reading “Of Bugs and Men”

RARE Opportunities for BIO

Hello BIObus Blog Buddies! I’m here to tell you this week about a new and fascinating reserve where the Biodiversity Institute has started collecting specimens; rare Charitable Research Reserve. The reserve is over 900 acres of beautiful and very diverse landscape, which is actually conveniently close to my house. Continue reading “RARE Opportunities for BIO”

A Great Start To The Summer

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan Engelking, and I am currently working in Collections as a Collections Technician for BIO this summer. I would like to officially welcome you to my portion of the blog! Continue reading “A Great Start To The Summer”

Adventures In The Lab

Hi everybody,

As a first time employee for BIO, I’ve learned a great deal and had many first time experiences over the past two weeks. From learning how to tissue sample to my first time writing a blog, almost everything has been new and exciting. Continue reading “Adventures In The Lab”

A Trip Well Worth Taking

Hello faithful readers,

I’d like to start this blog post by saying how glad I am that I was able to take two trips on the BIObus. It’s been a long road, and I enjoyed every beautiful bug, landscape and duct tape filled second of it. It will nice to be home next week, but man was it great to be out. Now, on to the post! Continue reading “A Trip Well Worth Taking”