The Moss Bosses

By Liz Darling (Sears) and Jesse Sills

Hi everyone! Now that the vascular plants of Canada DNA barcoding project is all finished (Read about it here), the team here at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics has moved on to another group of plants: the Bryophytes.  This term broadly encompasses all land plants that do not have any true vascular tissue, which includes the mosses, liverworts and hornworts.  Continue reading “The Moss Bosses”

Creating a DNA Barcode Reference Library of Plants of Canada

My name is Jesse Sills, and I am a student employee working with BIO this summer. I just graduated with a Bachelor of Science Zoology degree, and I’m excited to be starting my post-undergraduate career working with plants and insects! I started at BIO in September 2014 as a work study student,  Continue reading “Creating a DNA Barcode Reference Library of Plants of Canada”