68/150: Did you know scorpions live in Canada too?

animalia: Arthropoda: Arachnida: Scorpiones: Vaejovidae: Paruroctonus: Paruroctonus boreus (Girard, 1854)

Paruroctonus boreus, or the Northern Scorpion, is native to British Columbia and Alberta and is the only species of scorpion found in Canada. Though a relatively common species, it is rarely seen due to its nocturnal nature. However, like all scorpions, P. boreus glows under black light due to fluorescent compounds found in its exoskeleton and can be found in the field by using a hand-held UV lamp. Continue reading “68/150: Did you know scorpions live in Canada too?”

Walking Through A Desert of Scorpions

There’s no doubt about it now, I’m in the desert! After a brutal rain/wind storm, the real Southern California weather has hit and it is hot!!! In this type of climate, it pays to be nocturnal. Now, I wake up very early, hike until it’s too hot, nap, then hike again in the evening. Many other desert creatures take the same approach to escape the heat, conserve water or to prey upon other nocturnal animals. I have spotted several scorpions and a tarantula in the middle of the trail!
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