Beginning to Barcode British Columbia

The summer of 2014 can be said to have been CBG’s busiest field season. Not only was it the final year of the Canadian National Parks (CNP) Malaise Program, but we also focused on concentrated sampling efforts in provincial parks within Ontario and British Columbia (BC). Now that the CNP Program is complete, we were finally able to process some of our BC samples. Continue reading “Beginning to Barcode British Columbia”

BIO Blitzes BioBlitzes

Hi everyone,

I recently got back from another fun weekend of BioBlitzing – this time in the Ojibway Prairie Complex (OPC). The OPC is the equivalent of a gold mine for discovering species that are new to science or Canada. Continue reading “BIO Blitzes BioBlitzes”

rare Arthropods

Hello everyone, this past week at BIO, among many other things going on, we finished our standardized sampling at rare Charitable Research Reserve. This was our second sampling event since we had previously sampled the same sites at rare in the late spring. Continue reading “rare Arthropods”

Sucking Up RARE Insects

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working at BIO for a month now and am starting to get the hang of things around the lab. I’ve also been fortunate enough to spend a large part of this past week outside collecting insects and spiders. Continue reading “Sucking Up RARE Insects”

Sweeping Into Action

This week we deployed a sampling team of 5 to set up 3 sites for standardized sampling at rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge. Four colleagues and I set out early Monday morning to get started on our days’ work. I was eager to get back out to the field and set up some traps. For a few of our crew members it was their first time preparing the array of traps for our standardized sampling. Continue reading “Sweeping Into Action”

Of Bugs and Men

This past week wasn’t a mundane week by any means. Setting out at 9am on a Monday morning, Danielle, Dan, Josh, Nate and I set out for Cambridge, Ontario to get samples of the insects inhabiting the Waterloo region. Our destination: the rare Charitable Research Reserve. Continue reading “Of Bugs and Men”

RARE Opportunities for BIO

Hello BIObus Blog Buddies! I’m here to tell you this week about a new and fascinating reserve where the Biodiversity Institute has started collecting specimens; rare Charitable Research Reserve. The reserve is over 900 acres of beautiful and very diverse landscape, which is actually conveniently close to my house. Continue reading “RARE Opportunities for BIO”

Collecting!… I can at Kinaskan

So it has been a somewhat interesting past week, with some unexpected bumps in the road. During our time at the beautiful Kluane National Park, I started to notice a little sore spot in my mouth. To be more specific the gum area around one of my wisdom teeth. However this did not really bother me too much as my mind was enveloped by the magnificent landscape, and the work at hand. Continue reading “Collecting!… I can at Kinaskan”

Elevated Collecting

Hello to all the BIObus followers, we have some interesting things for everyone to read abut this week! We have been fortunate enough to spend over a week in the great light North, Kluane National Park.  It is quite the experience here to be walking around at 12 am and it is still light out, no need for flash lights here! Continue reading “Elevated Collecting”

Getting Into the Sweep of Things

Greetings everyone, this is Nate Jones. This summer I have been fortunate enough to be part of the BIObus crew for my first time. I have a keen interest for nature and all things wild. I am feeling very comfortable, here in Northern British Columbia, where there is no shortage of wildlife and boasts a vast array of plant life. I feel like I am right in my element and I am eager to learn about the native flora and fauna. Continue reading “Getting Into the Sweep of Things”