Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario

Hey Folks!

I have just made my triumphant return from the very first BIObus trip of the season! While this trip was a bit shorter than former excursions, we still covered a lot of ground and sampled all kinds of water bodies! Continue reading “Finding Aquatic Invertebrates In Eastern Ontario”

Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem

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Last week I was on the BIObus in several lovely Canadian parks where our team focused on aquatic collections. We got to tramp around in various rivers, bogs, fens, swamps and shorelines in our hip waders, scooping up bugs with our D-nets. This trip, along with many others that will take place this summer, will help BIO add a new level of aquatic invertebrates to the reference library. Continue reading “Keeping Your Balance In A Stratified Ecosystem”