The Trek Continues Through Northern California

The wildfires continue to rage as I head north. To my relief, none of the trail has been closed while I was hiking through. It is evident, nonetheless, that the flames are close. Smoke often obscures the view of the mountains directly across the valley, sometimes making it challenging to landmark. This part of the trail is extremely dry and dusty, with long water-less stretches returning. Continue reading “The Trek Continues Through Northern California”

Shining Some Light on Darkwoods’ Past

So we have arrived in the expansive Darkwoods Nature Conservancy property. Upon first impression I was taken aback by the beautiful drive we had through the property to our cabin which was alongside Kootenay Lake, surrounded by mountains. The roads we travelled on across the property were logging roads and were not always clearly labeled with road names. Continue reading “Shining Some Light on Darkwoods’ Past”

Bark Beetles and Wildfires

Hello again! After taking down all our traps in Burnt Cabin Bog Ecological Reserve, we packed up and drove for two days up to Kluane National Park and Reserve. While the drive was long there was plenty of scenery to see along the way. While driving North on the Stewart-Cassiar highway, we passed through a region of forest where two wildfires had recently occurred, in 2010 and 2011. Continue reading “Bark Beetles and Wildfires”