The calls of the wild

I woke up to the calls of wild turkeys after a night of trapping and pinning. We had a light sheet up the night before and found all sorts of beetles and moths I have never seen before.

I was astonished to see our traps were visited by nine banded armadillos and opossums last night, this was the first time I’ve seen them in the wild I loved the way they shuffled though the litter as they foraged for insects.

The morning weather is cool and dry, but quickly switches to hot and humid as the day progress the habitat appears sparse but everywhere is full of life upon closer inspection even in the dry palm meadows where I caught a large variety of leaf and grass hoppers. The change in vegetation composition amazes me where in a boreal forest that change might take place over several kilometres the variation is measured in meters from dry grass to palm meadows, scrubs, small trees to live oaks and palm laden with Spanish moss. I was told by the preserve state park officer that the rapid change in vegetation composition is caused by local moisture gradient due to slight depressions in the landscape. This landscape is a wonderful change from what I am used to, and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.