Vince in the Mountains

I LOVE the Rockies! The mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and (most of all) the insects are amazing. We first arrived to Yoho National Park very late at night in July. The sky was completely void of clouds, and all of the stars that were scattered across dark background immediately blew me away. I am so used to the light pollution of the city that I rarely get to see a crisp night sky with the milky way looming across. During the day, the rivers and lakes that are nestled in the tree-covered mountains are gorgeous. Yoho was cool and wet, and had some amazing fields in old Avalanche sites that were filled with spectacular flies, wasps, butterflies and many other things. My personal favourite were clear winged moths that mimic wasps (and even fooled me at first)! After we had finished in Yoho, we went south to Kootenay National Park. This park provided us with different habitat, and was more warm and dry. I loved hiking to the small lakes in Kootenay, which rewarded me with very interesting aquatic insects such as stoneflies, mayflies, and dragonfly larva and amazing mountain scenery.

Whether I am pinning tiny moths into the early morning or sharpening my photography skills, the BIObus has provided some of the most memorable experiences here in the Rockies. I will be sad to leave them as we drive into the Prairies, but also excited to see what lies ahead!